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No.CustomerEnd UserProject ScopeStatus
1PT. IPSIPT. APFSite investigation transformer 10 MVA in SemarangCompleted
2PT. UPSPT. PLNSupport spare part for transformer for Wadas Lintang ProjectCompleted
3PT. UPSPT. SULFINDOSite supervision & maintenance transformer in CilegonCompleted
4Schneider IndonesiaToyo – Indorama NigeriaRoot Cause Analysis and Design Engineering for IEFCL 2 Project in NigeriaCompleted
5Schneider IndonesiaRekind – PertaminaSite supervision & commissioning in JTB projectCompleted
6Schneider IndonesiaPT. PLNRepair Transformer 200 kVA and 250 kVA (Leakage and electrical issue)Completed
7PT. UPSJindi South Jambi B gas PlantTransformer assessment on Conoco Philips (JAMBI)Completed
8PT. UPSPLTGU Gunung MegangBasic electrical test transformerCompleted
9PT. IPSIPT. APFRoot cause analysis and cable box design and supply, bushing replacement on 10 MVA transformerCompleted
10PT. UPSMitsubhisi (Muara Karang Plant)Change flange gasket, oil purification and technical advice for 225 MVA (150 kV) TransformerCompleted
11Schneider IndonesiaPetronas Rapid 33Supply spare part winding temperature indicator (WTI)Completed
12Schneider IndonesiaToyo – Indorama NigeriaOil level indicator design and inspectionCompleted
13Schneider IndonesiaNigeria ProjectCleaning & Touch up trafoCompleted
14Schneider IndonesiaDirjen PajakSite Survey and Supply material Dirjen PajakCompleted
15Schneider IndonesiaNigeria ProjectRepair leakage and accessories on transformer 1600 kVACompleted
16Schneider Indonesia Consulting for manual book revisionCompleted
17Karya mandiri TehnikPT. SUCACO – Supreme CableGasket tank cover, bushing replacement and purificationCompleted
18Schneider Indonesia Supervision Installation, TestComm Trafo Projek JikrakCompleted
19PLN KendariPLN KendariPart supply – Lightning ArresterCompleted
20Schneider IndonesiaRekind – PertaminaPart supply – PaintingCompleted
21PT. UPSPT. Bintan Alumina IndonesiaGas relay settingCompleted
22Schneider IndonesiaToyo – Indorama NigeriaEngineering and quality consultation for Oil level indicator issue IEFCL2 ProjectCompleted
23PT. Bagus KaryaPT. Bagus KaryaPart supply – Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI) 5ACompleted
24PT. Bagus KaryaPT. Bagus KaryaPart Supply – Manometer, cable, cable scoen, Swithc POE & SFPOn Progress
25Schneider IndonesiaPart Supply – LV Bushing 11 kV 4500 AmpereCompleted
26Schneider IndonesiaToyo – Indorama NigeriaSite execution at Nigeria – Cable box repair and modification at IEFCL 2 ProjectOn Progress